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countryside is disappearing before our eyes. 

Hill Country Conservancy needs you!

It’s not just your imagination – Hays County is one of the fastest growing places in the US.  The population has literally quadrupled since 1980 and is expected to keep on growing.  And it’s no wonder; it’s a beautiful place to live.  But the sensitive land here can only handle so much, and we’re already seeing the impacts on the availability and quality of water, our
beautiful views, and wildlife habitat.  For everyone’s sake, we need to preserve some of the open space that remains before it’s too late. 

Hill Country Conservancy is currently working with local landowners to conserve one of the last remaining large properties in Driftwood – the 1,242-acre Triple C Ranch.  You’ve seen its beautiful rolling hills if you’ve ever driven down FM 150 where it crosses Onion Creek twice.  Its 7 miles of waterways contribute plentiful, clean water to Onion Creek, which provides 45% of the recharge for the Barton Springs segment of the Edwards Aquifer.  But if Triple C isn’t conserved, it could soon have 350 homes and at least that many cars on it, with all the pollutants that come with both. 

Our philosophy is simple.

Once Hill Country land is gone, it’s gone for good.

When Hill Country Conservancy preserves it, it’s here forever.

Your involvement and support of our conservation work helps ensure that the Hill Country we all love will be here for future generations to cherish and enjoy.
Please visit HillCountryConservancy.org to Donate, Volunteer, Support the Violet Crown Trail, Attend an Event, or Get Involved!  For the past 12 years, Hill Country Conservancy has worked with local partners to strategically conserve sensitive land, contributing to the preservation of 40,000 acres.


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