Make A Payment
Making your monthly, quarterly or annual assessments just got easier! 

We are now accepting Credit Card Payments as a fast, easy and convenient method of paying your dues. CMA accepts the following Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard (MC), and Discover. Please note fees apply and will be charged to your account in a separate transaction then the payment to the Association. 

Make a Credit Card Payment by clicking " make a payment" now. 


In addition to the payment method above owners have the following options for making payments. Please note all payments should be made payable to the Association in which you live. Do not make payments payable to CMA as it will delay applying your payment to your account. 

  • Credit Card Payments click on the above link "make a payment" and follow the instructions. Or you may visit the CMA website at and click on the tab make a payment. NOTE: The "Select Bill Type" tab requires that you select your Community Association. 
  • MAIL a check with your statement stub or coupon to Community Association Banc, P.O. Box 66817, Phoenix, AZ 85082-6817.
  • ACH Automatic Withdrawal from your checking account. Assessments will be deducted by the 10th of each month. To participate, fill out and return the ACH form.
  • Bill Pay through your personal banking institution. Payable to "your Association". Reference your account number and address and have your bank mail payment to Community Association Banc, P.O. Box 66817, Phoenix, AZ 85082-6817.
  • Online through Community Association Banc (a division of Mutual of Omaha) at Select type, either e-check or credit card. Fee may apply. Please note this is not a recurring payment. 
 Title Company/Realtor & Lender Payments 

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